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Individual sessions are offered at Radical Healing, 2009 Chapel Hill Rd, Durham, NC 27707.  House calls are available within 20 miles of zip codes 27707 or 27243 for those with for access or mobility-related needs and those seeking reiki for animal friends. 

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Sliding scale and barter options are offered to make this work accessible to my people and to affirm our interdependence and our ability to come to one another’s aid.  

The cost for an hour-long individual reiki session is $45-$85 sliding scale (plus $10 traveling costs for in-home sessions).  

Some examples of barter options include plant medicine, healthcare offerings of various modalities, plants, or art.


Energy work is some witchy realm work. Based on someone's intention for the session and combined with what the persons being is communicating with need, reiki sessions approach our energetic selves to gently shift energetic patterns to a place of balance, and groundedness. This can look like giving energy to an area in need of extra support, bringing areas into balance and fullness, allowing more movement thru areas where there is an underactive flow, for supporting a holistic approach to healing thru these subtle shifts. This can also look like going into areas of the body/being to open up blocks. At the end of session, we'll have a discussion of your experience, and I'll share any intuitive or visual information I've received.

Generally, sessions feel relaxing, centering and rejuvenating. Often they feel deep and inexplicable. Sometimes sessions feel intense and strong emotions come up. This is all towards healing and supporting where someone is at in a healing process.


Animal sessions allow for some energetic support for whatever your animal friend is sharing that they need.  That can look like general check-in or supportive care; healing from illness, grief, or anxiety; and end of life transition care.